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Ground Search and Rescue, Canine-Human Detection & UAV Ground Class

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All course fees are to be paid prior to the course and there is no refund in full or part in a period shorter than 7 days, prior to the start of the course, for any reason. Any person not completing the course for any reason is not permitted to request a refund of any kind.

Ground Search and Rescue:

There are many aspects to Search and Rescue. To be a member, you will need to qualify in our Ground Search and Rescue course.

There are two levels in this course.

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Standard Level: This is everything covered in the Advanced level, however no exam is required. This is meant for members who want to have a supporting roll only. They will need to know all aspects of a search and why the team are doing things in a certain order or manner.

Advanced Level: This is meant for the search team, regardless of what section they are working in. Be it Aviation, Canine or Marine. Every person on the team has to qualify in Ground Search and Rescue first. Re-qualifying every two years.

These courses are held free for members and are run over 1½ days. For more information, please read the course outline.

Canine - For more on the courses offered and more information please go to

Human Remains

There are a number of areas human detection are used, currently there are two courses being held.

Level 1: These courses are meant to be fun and we do all we can to make sure they are. Although there are some essential needs in the discipline of the dogs, it is a fun time for both them and handler.

This is a 4 day course of 1½ hours each day, the theory in the beginning is an introduction to the event of the day. For at least an hour, each of these days, you and your dog will be practicing what was taught earlier, including;

• nose - ground tracking of your dog
• identifying your dogs change in behaviour
• article introduction on the track
• possible hindrances on the track and how to read them from your dog and adapt.

Level 2: Level two is more hands on and more intense when working with your dog.

This is a 4 day course of 1½ hours each day. Prerequisite, Level 1 completion

• This is more learning what your dog will do when tracking, how to work your dog in different environments and terrain.
• Working your dog on and off leash, including tracking in change of direction.
• How to get your dog to respond upon finding articles/person.
• Recall and how to get your dog to come back and notify you upon finding the person.
• Some minor agility, as your dog may need to go under a road etc. and we need to know the dog is not afraid to.

We have a section fenced off where the dogs can be off leash and used to track with control.

Dogs are not taught to play together, as these are working dogs, so interaction with the dogs is not allowed. Each dog will be brought in one at a time for their time of training, with all handlers watching, but their dogs out of the training area.

UAV Ground Class:

We are affiliated with companies that can administer the ground course and Flight Reviews under the new regulations brought in 2019, including your Radio Operators License, required to operate your UAV safely and legally.