Marine Division

Our Marine unit is advancing and is allowing a highly technical take on the rescue section.

With the use of the Deep Trekker ROV, 3D side imaging Sonar system on board BOTH our boats and the use of our UAV from the Aviation section. We are able to offer a highly advanced ability for different searches.

Both boats have side imaging sonar and the big boat has additional 360º sonar included. Allowing us to get specific detailed images as deep as 150' down.

They are also both equipped with international radios and distress location beacons, full light system and flood lights, allowing us to keep working as long as is needed.

The smaller boat allows us to get into shallow areas and still have the full functionality of the large boat, which can stay further out as support to it.

Our dogs are always in training. This is a new expansion added in 2017 for further assistance.

Both boats are designed to accommodate a Water Cadaver dog and handler having full access to the water.